A Sampling of Stompboxes I Have Built - Lots of pictures of projects I have built and my commentary on them.

Anderton Impedance Tester - A simple way to measure the input impedance of your guitar effects.

Anderton's Volume Pedal Retrofit - No more scratchy volume pedals! More info here.

Arion SAD-1 Tech Notes - Not really DIY, but for informational purposes. I'm thinking it could become DIY project at some point.

Building Stompboxes - Some of my ideas on building stompboxes, how I do the graphics and some unusual stompbox finishes.

Building A Workbench - Some ways to make an effective electronics workbench in a limited space, inexpensively. Also touches on benchtop test equipment that is handy to have.

Capacitor Field Guide - Capacitor types and their applications explained.

Compact DIY Pedal Board - Making a compact soft shell pedalboard case for around $20.00

DIY Guitar Effects Prototyping Board - Something I created as an aid to designing guitar effects using a breadboard and a few other parts.

DIY Audio Probe - A basic audio tester probe I made as an aid to troubleshooting pesky circuits.

DIY Battery Snaps - Make your own battery snaps from worn out 9V batteries.

DIY Pedal Board #1 - I made this and saved a lot of money! Looks cool, too.

DIY Pedal Board #2 - I recently made this to replace my original DIY pedal board.

DOD FX-17 Wah/Volume Pedal - Some technical info on this unique and useful pedal.

Ebow Technical Analysis - Some technical info on this unique and great invention for electric guitar.

Fuzz Factory Clone - I made this from a French website I stumbled upon. Works just like the real thing.

Maestro Boomerang Page - Some technical data and hopefully more as time goes on.

Making A Wah Pedal Bottom Plate - Here's how you can make a replacement bottom plate for a wah pedal that is missing one.

Modified Real McTube II - Killer sounding tube overdrive unit.

Radio-Head Tube Preamp - Tube preamp using old radio tubes. Similar to the Real McTube, but higher gain.

Sewing Machine Pedal A/B Switch? - Something you can do with what seems like junk.

Schaller Bow Wow / Yoy Yoy Page - Some technical information on an unusual and not often seen wah pedal.

Vox Wah with Fasel Inductor - Some technical info on a vintage Vox wah pedal.

Vox Grey Wah Wah Clone - Some interesting findings about this somewhat mysterious wah pedal.

Vintage CryBaby True Bypass Conversion - How to convert to true bypass to stop tone sucking.

Wah Pedal Mod Page #1 - Here's how you can mod your wah more to your liking.

Wah Pedal Mod Page #2 - Adding a Fasel inductor - a short explanation on what has to be done.

Wah Pedal Mod Page #3 - Fattening the tone of a vintage Vox wah.

Wah Pedal "FatWah" Mod - Here's another way you can mod your wah more to your liking.

Wah Pedal From Scratch?! - Something I did for fun. An interesting project. Hardcore DIY!

Wah Pedal From Scratch #2 - A simpler version of a DIY wah pedal, within the grasp of the average do-it-yourselfer.

Wah Pedals & Pickups - Ever wonder why your wah sounds a lot different between the neck and bridge pickups?

Wah Pedals - Myths, Misconceptions and Hype - A write up addressing questions and things I commonly hear about wah pedals.

X-15 Troubleshooting Notes - How I fixed my malfunctioning ART X-15 MIDI Foot Controller.

Links to Other Sites:

Aron Nelson's Stompbox Forum - Great place to get help in building your own stompboxes. Tons of info and schematics for the many circuits to build.

Copyrights Explained - Guidelines to what is copyrighted material, fair use, etc.

General Guitar Gadgets - Great site with lots of guitar effects projects, including some classic designs.

GEOFEX - Tons of info and circuits to build. Electronics as applied to guitar effects, and info about tube amps, too.

Hammond Manufacturing - The place to go for information on enclosures and off-the-shelf transformers of all kinds. - Sister site of RunOffGroove with lots of guitar effects projects.

Jack Orman's AMZ - Good site on guitar effects and their design. Check out the Lab Note Book section. - The place to get electronic components.

RunOffGroove - Another great site with lots of original guitar effects projects.

Small Bear Electronics - Specializing in stompbox parts! - Yet another great site with lots of guitar effects projects.

18,000+ Data Sheets! - Link to site with over 18,000 data sheets on transistors and IC chips. You don't have to be a member to access the files.