Parker Fly Accessories

Here is the new version of the "1flyBOB", which is a stereo splitter box I make to replace those cheesy Y-cords that come with the Parker Fly. A much better solution offering more flexibility, and with the built in ground lift, you can eliminate hum and buzzing that can occur when you connect the inputs of two different amps together thru the common ground in those Y-cords. All you need is two regular 1/4" mono cables and a 1/4" TRS cable! This gives you maximum flexibility, and you can use any brand cables that you want to use. $65 plus shipping.

From Mark Vanase - Groton, CT 9-30-10:

"Paul- I just had to send you another message about the FlyBob. I can't believe Parker has not caught onto this concept because my guitar sounds lightyears better than it did with a Y cable. I loved it before but it sounds like a completely different instrument now, with more clarity than it ever had before. Thanks so much, I don't know if I'll ever pick up another guitar again now that my Parker has a FlyBob."

From Another Satisfied Customer:

"I purchased a small Y splitter box called the "1flyBOB" that Paul custom builds for owners of Parker electric guitars, which have stereo outputs that split the magnetic pickups from the piezo under-saddle pickups. His inventive solution allows a single TRS cable to be run to his box, which then splits to two mono outputs. This is FAR better than the factory solution, which is to use a Stereo Y cable out of the guitar.

Paul's craftsmanship is fantastic - my unit has now survived two basement floods and is still running strong. My opinion is that 1flyBOBs should be contracted to be included with every Parker guitar from the factory."

The 1flyBOB

The 1flyBOB

The 1flyBOB

Here's an example of the "1flyBOB-D", which is the "1flyBOB" with a built-in direct box. With this little box, you can route the piezo pickups to an acoustic amplifier or straight to a PA system with the flick of a switch. <$120 plus shipping.

The 1flyBOB-D, Front View

The 1flyBOB-D, Back View

Here's an example of the "2flyBOB", which is basically the "1flyBOB" with an additional input you can can use two Flys with the same box. A convenient way to be able to use a pair of guitars with minimal hassle. Just step on the switch to change which guitar you are using!
$100 plus shipping.

The 2flyBOB

I have also built several variations of these flyBOBs per the client's specifications - things like a 1flyBOB with a mute switch for one type of pickup, a 2flyBOB with a tuner out or a double looper pedal. Contact Me for quote on anything you want that is not listed here.

1flyBOB Wiring Diagram - how to connect cables to the 1flyBOB
1flyBOB-D Wiring Diagram - how to connect cables to the 1flyBOB-D